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Bangladesh Defence Power

Bangladesh’s Defense Power: Rising through the Ranks Over the years, Bangladesh has made significant strides in enhancing its defense capabilities. From its humble beginnings, the nation has transformed into a formidable force in the South Asian region. Today, Bangladesh stands proud as it holds the 37th position in global defense capabilities, a marked improvement from […]

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Directorate General of Forces Intelligence – DGFI – History and Profile

The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence, commonly known as DGFI, stands as Bangladesh’s most influential intelligence agency, operating both within and beyond the nation’s borders. Its primary mission is to safeguard national security and uphold the paramount interests of Bangladesh. DGFI plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sovereignty and security of the country The

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Bangladesh Military News

Bangladesh Navy to buy 5 Frigates from the UK

The Bangladesh Navy’s ambitious frigates program is now a reality, five multi-role stealth guided-Frigates will join the Bangladesh navy from the united kingdom. Bangladesh agreed to buy three British made vessels as well as two more that will be built locally at Chattogram Dockyard under the supervision of the united kingdom. The purchase was discussed

Bangladesh Military News

Bangladesh Turkey Defense Cooperation in new heights as Army chief visited Turkey

A six-member delegation of the Bangladesh Army led by Army Chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed visited Turkey on a 07-day official visit. Army Chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed reached Istanbul from Dhaka on 17 August 2021 at noon. Bangladesh Turkey Defense copperation Bangladesh turned into the fourth-biggest arms purchaser from Turkey, supposedly getting up to

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Bangladesh Military News

$4.09 Billion in 2021 Defense Budget of Bangladesh

In terms of BDT, the 2021 military budget of Bangladesh is 5% higher than 2020 while in USD it’s just a 0.7% increase. Taka 1672.47 or 196.25 Million USD was allocated for development purposes. Taka 16817 corer or $ 1.97 billion was allocated for the Bangladesh army, 6330 corers or $ 742.78 million USD for Bangladesh Navy and 4743 million USD corers or 556.56 for Bangladesh Airforce in the 2021 military budget of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Military News

4.1 Billion USD: Defense Budget of Bangladesh 2020

In the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget, 4.1 Billion USD has been allocated to the Bangladesh Armed Forces. This is 6.13% of total budget expenditure slightly decreased from last year  8.3% of total annual government expenditure. বাংলা ভার্সন /Bangla Version In 2020 Bangladesh ranked 46 in global military strength ranking. Last year Bangladesh confirmed the purchase

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Boeing AH-64 Apache For Bangladesh Confirmed

The Boeing Apache dubbed as the world most advance Multi-role attack helicopter is now on the way to join Bangladesh Armed Forces Inventory . Most probably the Apache fleet will Join Bangladesh Army Aviation Group – The  the army aviation unit of the Bangladesh Army. . Bangladesh will be 17th country to operate this advance attack Helicopter .

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Bangladesh Military News

Bangladesh Navy's Type 053H3 Frigates

Bangladsh Navy received two Type 053H3 Guided-Missile Frigate from China . The Bangladesh Navy Jiangwei-II frigates is armed with HQ-7 Surface-to-air missile system . Including this two advance ship Bangladesh Navy now operates Six Frigates . Bangladesh Navy  procured the two China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy frigates under a deal signed in June 2018. The frigates were transferred

Bangladesh Military News

Bangladesh Army Peacekeeping Documentary : VICE

Vice News covers Bangladeshi blue helmets paroling the lawless Sahara desert to keep the peace in Mali . The documentary show convoy was commanded by the Major Rafiq of Bangladesh army and Bangladeshi solder providing medicine and food to tribal people . Bangladesh is one of the top UN peacekeeping forces . Widely respected and

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