• Ancient History of Bangladesh: Gangaridai to Dhaka

    Ancient History of Bangladesh: Gangaridai to Dhaka

    Bangladesh has a rich historical tapestry, with a significant chapter dating back to ancient times as part of the Ganges delta civilization. The region has seen the rise and fall of various empires and dynasties, including the Maurya and Gupta Empires. During the medieval period, Bengal became a prominent center for trade and commerce. From…

  • The Ganges Delta Civilization

    The Ganges Delta Civilization

    The Ganges Delta civilization or Bengal Civilization refers to the ancient civilization that developed in the region of the Ganges Delta. The Ganges Delta civilization is considered one of the earliest and most important civilizations in ancient southeast Asia, with evidence of human habitation dating back to the Neolithic period. Over time, the civilization developed…

  • The Indian Ghost in Wikipedia & The History of Bengal

    The Indian Ghost in Wikipedia & The History of Bengal

    The history of Bengal, a region in South Asia, is marked by a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and ethnicities. However, when one delves into online sources, such as Wikipedia, the portrayal of Bengal’s history appears to be subject to a particular perspective that may not adequately represent the diversity of the region. One of…

  • Bengalis who are not Bangali anymore !

    Bengalis who are not Bangali anymore !

    The term “Bengali,” or its British counterpart “Bangali,” is ascribed to individuals who speak the Bangla language and bear a heritage deeply rooted in the historical narrative of blood and conspiracy. This captivating tale traces its origins back to the era of Alexander the Great and unfolds against the backdrop of British machinations post the…

  • Directorate General of Forces Intelligence –  DGFI –  History and Profile

    Directorate General of Forces Intelligence – DGFI – History and Profile

    The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence, commonly known as DGFI, stands as Bangladesh’s most influential intelligence agency, operating both within and beyond the nation’s borders. Its primary mission is to safeguard national security and uphold the paramount interests of Bangladesh. DGFI plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sovereignty and security of the country The…

  • Gangaridai


    Gangaridai was an ancient kingdom located in the Bengal region of South Asia. According to ancient Greek and Roman records, it was one of the most powerful and prosperous states of the world in the 4th century BCE. The kingdom was ruled by a powerful monarch, and its army was renowned for its chariots and…

  • United Bengal

    United Bengal

    The wikipedia page of united bengal is under constant change by agents/biased editors . You can not trust the information in wikipedia article of United Bengal . United Bengal is a political ideology for a unified Bengali-speaking nation in South Asia. The ideology developed among Bengali nationalists after the first partition of Bengal in 1905. The British-ruled Bengal Presidency was divided into Western Bengal and Eastern Bengal and Assam to weaken…

  • The Greatness of Bengal  and Future Ahead By Samier Mansur

    The Greatness of Bengal and Future Ahead By Samier Mansur

    A fantastic presentation by Samier Mansur in Ted Talk Dhaka. We found its one of the greatest presentation About Bengal in the web.

  • Vanga Kingdom ( Pundra,Anga)

    Vanga Kingdom ( Pundra,Anga)

    Vanga Kingdom is a 1500 BC Iron Age Kingdom in Ganges delta of South Asia. The Name Bengal or Bangla was originated from Vanga. The Bengali people are the descendants of the Vanga Kingdom. The founders of Angas, Vangas, Kalingas, Pundras, and Suhmas shared a common ancestry. Pundra , Vanga ,anga was an early Iron…

  • Governments of Bangladesh & its GDP

    Governments of Bangladesh & its GDP

    This is the detail list of Bangladesh various government formed since its declaration of Independence . The mentioned date is the forming date of the Government . The GDP data collected from world bank data center . No Governments of Bangladesh Date GDP 1 Provisional Government of Bangladesh – April 17, 1971 GDP: $ 8.75 B…

  • UN approves resolution to commemorate the 1995 Srebrenica genocide annually over Serb opposition  The Associated PressUN declares 11 July Srebrenica massacre remembrance day  BBC.comSerbia reels at UN resolution on Srebrenica massacre  POLITICO EuropeUN Approves Srebrenica Genocide Resolution, As Some Serbs Remain Defiant  Radio Free Europe / Radio LibertyUN approves resolution to commemorate 1995 Srebrenica genocide  Al Jazeera English
  • China Taiwan: Beijing really doesn't like Taiwan's new president  BBC.comChina says military drills encircling Taiwan designed to test its ability to ‘seize power’  CNNTaiwan scrambles jets, puts forces on alert as China calls new war games "powerful punishment" for the island  CBS NewsChina says war games around Taiwan to test ability to ‘seize power’  Al Jazeera English
  • Many feared dead in landslide in remote Papua New Guinea village  ReutersMore than 100 feared dead in massive landslide in Papua New Guinea  CBS NewsMore than 100 people believed killed by a landslide in Papua New Guinea, Australian media report  FOX 5 San DiegoAustralian media reports that more than 100 people killed by landslide in Papua New Guinea  WOODTV.comChurch responds to flooding, earthquake in Papua […]
  • Ukraine war latest: 7 killed in Russian Kharkiv strike amid US missile push  The IndependentRussian strikes key Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, killing at least 7, as ground troops advance  CNNRussia slams Kharkiv with missile barrage, killing printing-plant workers  The Washington PostIn One Image: The Moment the Fighting Got Too Close  The New York TimesRussian missiles kill 7 in Ukraine's second-largest city as Moscow's troops press […]
  • Majorca building collapse: Four dead and 16 injured, rescuers say  BBC.comMallorca, Spain building collapse: Search and rescue operations continue, at least four people killed  Irish IndependentFour killed in restaurant collapse on Spanish holiday island  CNNBuilding collapses at Mallorca beach killing at least four and injuring 21  The GuardianRestaurant Collapse Kills at Least 4 and Injures 16 in Majorca  The New York Times

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