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bdnewsnet.com is Inspired by the values of 
proud Bengali nationalism and
the Independence war of Bangladesh.

Bdnewsnet offers more than news and Opinion. We try to organize the information in a coherent way so that the mass can become aware of another angle or perspective of the events and situation. 

Our Differences 

Bdnewsnet didn’t start his journey centered in commercial purpose, but it has the vision to let the nation’s citizen know what’s really happening under the shadow. Educating the masses about their rights, to develop moral, social and religious obligations towards our beautiful nation Bangladesh is our vision

We are committed to fostering the public discourse essential to democracy and promoting core journalistic values and free speech.

We will work to bring transparency to public sectors.

We declare war on Corruption and yellow journalism.

We Know 

The influence of the mass media has existed since the invention of the writings and printing press. People need news/information for various reasons, on one hand, it can be used to socialize and on the other to make decisions and formulate opinions.

bdnewsnet.com is dedicated to the investigative journalism in Bangladesh.

We will stand up for good governance & Accountability of Government organizations.

We Try to  Defend the civil rights and interests of Bangladesh against its enemy, and from traitorous Mirzafors . 

Name bdnewsnet.com
Alternate Name বিডি নিউজ নেট ডট কম
Parent Organization Bizarre Corporate Inc
Legal Name bdnewsnet.com
Founding Date 2016-03-22
Founder Aziz Tarak
logo Logo Image of the Entity
makes Offer Bdnewsnet.com provides information to citizens, convening groups around events and issues, and serving as a watchdog against injustice and enemy masterplan against the Proud nation State ” Bangladesh”. We are more interested in the Informative Article and Fact Check rather than Click Bait
The Business Reporter Review A review of Self is Not possinle
numberOfEmployees 20-100
description ? bdnewsnet.com is ?? Dhaka based 24/7 Live English and Bangla Newspaper & Printed Magazine . Breaking news published after Fact Check
ethics Policy bdnewsnet.com is Inspired by the values of
proud Bengali nationalism and
the Independence war of Bangladesh .Our editorial policy and Journalistic values based on Seven fundamental principles of Bangladesh news network.

Loyalty to the Nation  not to the system

All Truths are subject to Revision

Defend and Protect the values of Nations Founders

Watch over few  to Guard millions

Inform the  Citizen

intellectual fairness  not Neutral

Decipher Enemy states Deception We monitor State sponsored Information terrorism against Bangali and Bangladesh in world wide web and develop the Strategy to counter . Bdnewsnet offers more than news and Opinion. We try to organize the information in a coherent way so that the mass can become aware of another angle or perspective of the events and situation
FeedbackPolicy We are committed to fostering the public discourse essential to democracy and promoting core journalistic values and free speech.

We will work to bring transparency to public sectors.

We declare war on Corruption and yellow journalism.
correctionsPolicy For an Organization (e.g. NewsMediaOrganization), a statement describing (in news media, the newsroom’s) disclosure and correction policy for errors.
Mission Coverage Priorities Policy The mission and priority of bdnewsnet.com coverage area can be found in its seven editorial policy .  Primarily the News coverage is focused on Various important issue regarding Bangladesh and its neighboring Countries . Watch over few to Guard millions

The fourth fundamental Principle of bdnewsnet.com is to bring transparency in Bangladesh Public sector and accountability  .  When people got power and muscle they tend to think invincible and usually misuse their power to gain specific interest . The Constitution of Bangladesh Gives all the power to its Citizen . If The temporary custodian of specific defined power misused its executive power _ Its badly harm the public Interest . 

So our primary focus and Coverage to watch few executive power holder in the government organization to bring transparency .  We are interested in reporting why the Road was damaged , who built it ,  who approved it ,&  who monitored it   rather reporting  ” Newly constructed road in Devastating Condition ” 
Verification Fact Checking Policy We take so much time to Verify and Fact check that most of the time Many News published by various News entity of Bangladesh Never see the light of the day in our Portal
memberOf Free Media and Bangladesh Internet Defense league
address Rahmania International Complex (14th Floor ,Suite:11) , 28/1/C, Toyenbee Circular Road, Motijheel C/A Bangabhaban TSO, Dhaka 1222
Telephone +880 29 51 52 33
email [email protected]
sameAs – Official Website bdnewsnet.com
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Mass media like online news portal encourage conversation, tap into issues and perspectives that might important to the society, important to the interest of the nation, otherwise, its go unshared and unnoticed to the policymakers eyes.
As a mass media entity bdnewsnet will try to raise awareness in our torn apart society to work together for a better Bangladesh. Influenced by the philosophy of Dr Muhammad Yunus “ Start a business to solve a problem in the society “ made me thought differently. And then a mass media entity with the vision to provide real information/analysis to the mass and educating them a for better tomorrow the bdnewsnet.com will try to solve some key problem of the society.
The Idealist Steve Jobs who once said: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do “.
The belief matter!
A dream of a mass media entity what will give people the right information in a right way will safeguard Bengali nationalism what would influence the generation after 1971 to think differently lead me to start an entity what may educate this confuse nation about its better tomorrow and risk ahead.
–Aziz Tarak
Publisher and Editor in chief

Our Editorial Policy 

Business Contacts 

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