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Collection of historical records of Bengal and Bangladesh. This section of bdnewsnet.com aims to collect all historical records, publication relating to Bengal and today’s Bangladesh for the better understanding of tomorrow

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United Bengal

The wikipedia page of united bengal is under constant change by agents/biased editors . You can not trust the information in wikipedia article of United Bengal . United Bengal is a political ideology for a unified Bengali-speaking nation in South Asia. The ideology developed among Bengali nationalists after the first partition of Bengal in 1905. The British-ruled Bengal Presidency was divided into Western Bengal and Eastern Bengal and Assam to weaken […]

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Governments of Bangladesh & its GDP

This is the detail list of Bangladesh various government formed since its declaration of Independence . The mentioned date is the forming date of the Government . The GDP data collected from world bank data center . No Governments of Bangladesh Date GDP 1 Provisional Government of Bangladesh – April 17, 1971 GDP: $ 8.75 B

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MV MADHUMOTI ,750 pax PASSENGER SHIP Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corp
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?? MV Modhumoti Sailing to Kolkata After 72 Years of Partition . Dhaka – Koklata Cruise in Its Maiden Journey

After the heartbreaking Partition of Bengal in 1947 , when one nation was divided between two Hybrid Religious based Test-tube Nation ” India and Pakistan ” The MV Modhumoti sailing towards its native water , The Cruise from Dhaka to its Sister City Kolkata . The land and water Is Native to the people but

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Why United Bengal Was Divided?

The region of Bengal is deeply rooted in history. It has seen the rise and fall of civilizations, wars, invasions, famines, natural disasters and much more since ancient times. The region itself also has a very interesting story to tell. History says it was once a powerful independent kingdom feared by Alexander the great. United

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