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Bangladesh Defence Power

Bangladesh’s Defense Power: Rising through the Ranks Over the years, Bangladesh has made significant strides in enhancing its defense capabilities. From its humble beginnings, the nation has transformed into a formidable force in the South Asian region. Today, Bangladesh stands proud as it holds the 37th position in global defense capabilities, a marked improvement from […]

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Directorate General of Forces Intelligence – DGFI – History and Profile

The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence, commonly known as DGFI, stands as Bangladesh’s most influential intelligence agency, operating both within and beyond the nation’s borders. Its primary mission is to safeguard national security and uphold the paramount interests of Bangladesh. DGFI plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sovereignty and security of the country The

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Bangladesh Turkey Defense Cooperation in new heights as Army chief visited Turkey

A six-member delegation of the Bangladesh Army led by Army Chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed visited Turkey on a 07-day official visit. Army Chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed reached Istanbul from Dhaka on 17 August 2021 at noon. Bangladesh Turkey Defense copperation Bangladesh turned into the fourth-biggest arms purchaser from Turkey, supposedly getting up to

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US to Boost Defense Cooperation With Bangladesh : US Assistant Secretary Alice Wells In Bangladesh

The United States wants to boost its military cooperation with Bangladesh as well as investments in infrastructure & energy sector . Under the Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) US wants a closer military ties with Bangladesh . The visiting U.S. acting assistant secretary of state Alice Wells said US is seeking an expanded military relationship with Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Air Force orders KRONOS LAND Radar System From Leonardo

Bangladesh Air Force ordered undisclosed number of of Kronos Land 3D radar systems from Italian company  Leonardo . The KRONOS land is a Mobile 3D, multifunctional radar system to support air and coastal defense . It detects and tracks any type of air and maritime threat, such as high speed missiles, low level UAVs, hovering

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Bangladesh To Sign Defense Deal With USA : US Offered Apache

For many years Bangladesh wanted to purchase heavy weapons from United States . According to the latest development Bangladesh & the US are currently negotiating two agreements ACSA & GSOMIA that are required by the US law for the purchase of its Heavy Military equipment . A US Department of State spokesperson told Jane’s , “The United

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Bangladesh Now Make Surface-to-Air Missiles (MANPADS)

Bangladesh started developing its first indigenously built man-portable air defense missiles system in its defense industrial complex. This MANPADS equipped with infrared seeker & resistance to flares. This portable air-defense system designed to engage low flying targets, it has a range of 6 km and a maximum altitude of 13000 Feet. The missile is capable of

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3.87 Billion USD: Defense Budget of Bangladesh 2019-2020

Bangladesh Armed forces received 3.87 Billion dollar allocation for Defending the nation from the enemy what is 8.3% of its Total Budget. The size of Bangladesh GDP was US$ 72 billion in FY2005-06, which has now increased 4.5 times to US$ 302.4 billion. The size of the proposed budget for FY2019-20 is USD 62.28 Billion

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