Four Female Major Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Bangladesh Army

Four Female Major Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Bangladesh Army

In January 24, 2019 , Bangladesh Army promoted 4 female Major to Lieutenant Colonel. Its an another milestone of Women empowerment In Bangladesh . Bangladesh Army Chief of staff General Aziz Ahmed gave the Rank to the newly promoted offices in Army Headquarter , Dhaka Cantonment.

Major to Lieutenant colonel Division
Lt Col Sanjida HossainInfantry Division
Lt Col Sarah Amir Corps of Engineers
Lt Col Farhana Afrin Infantry Division
Lt Col Syeda Nazia Royhan Infantry Division
Rank insignia of Lieutenant colonel for the Bangladesh Army

The doors were open for women entry as regular commissioned officers in Bangladesh Army By the direction of then PM Sheikh Hasina in 2000 . This Newly promoted Lieutenant Colonels started from 47th long Course (commissioned officer) of Bangladesh Army and have shown excellent professional skills in the workplace.

Eearliar in 2018 Army medical Corps Dr Susane Giti became the first women in Bangladesh Army to be promoted as Major General .In 2016 two Female pilots Captain Nazia Nusrat Hossain and Captain Shahrina Bintea Anwar successfully enrolled in Army Aviation Group .

This female Lieutenant Colonels will be inspiration for Bangladeshi female to join Bangladesh army and become a part of this Proud Military Force .

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