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Booming Energy Sector of Bangladesh : 90 Percent Have Access To The Elctrecity

Bangladesh witnessed rapid growth in GDP and United Nations Sustainable development goal indicator in last eight years. With a 285 Billion dollar GDP, Most of rural Bangladesh is now under electricity. According to the Bangladesh Power development Board Bangladesh now have sixteen thousand megawatts electricity generating capacity. The allocation for the power sector in the annual development programme (ADP) was raised to 90.4% in eight Years, USD 318 Million in 2009  from USD  3130 Million in 2018 .

Access To The Electricity Raised 90 Percent in 2018

Bangladesh Import 660 Megawatt Electricity from its neighboring country India 4.1 percent of its total consumption. The number of electricity consumers has reached 2.99 crores and the overall access to electricity has been augmented to 90 percent because of huge enhancement in power generation.


Booming Energy Sector of Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s energy sector witness 90.4%  growth in the last nine years. Recently Bangladesh started construction of the 2.4-Gigawatt  Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant expected to go into operation in 2023.

For its growing demand and economic growth, Bangladesh proposed 1.2 Billion dollar Investment in Bhutan and Nepal for hydropower plants. Bangladesh currently has a hydropower plant at Kaptai in the Rangamati, capacity of 230 megawatts.

In 2016 the Nepal government submitted a list of seven possible projects after Bangladesh sent a proposal to invest in Nepal’s hydropower sector. Assumed India could obstruct cross-border transit facilities. Now The new sub-regional Transit framework Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal (BBIN) was signed and Bangladesh giving India transit to its northern states. hopefully, India will be not able to obstruct Bangladesh electricity import from Nepal and Bhutan.

Bangladesh has signed the deal with Siemens and General  Electronics to build two 3600 megawatts total USD 5.6 Billion LNG-based power plant, in Payra of Patuakhali and Moheshkhali of Cox Bazar district, would be completed by 2021. It will add  7200 megawatts of electricity into the National Grid.

Access to the electricity is one of the main key influencers of Bangladesh economic growth. The government installed 195,000 kilometers of electricity line in the last nine years since 2009. Bangladesh government have plans to generate 24000 Megawatt electricity by 2021 to sustain its annual 7%  economic growth rate.

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