Another Boeing 737 Crashed : Ethiopian ?? Airlines

In another tragic event an Ethiopian airlines Boeing 737 crashed after few minutes in the flight ✈️ . The similar crashing pattern of October 2018 Lion air crash in Indonesia ?? raises speculation of major production defects of this Boeing 737 Max . All 149 passengers and 8 crew members onboard died the aircraft was only 4 months old .

Map showing the flight path

Ethiopian Airlines: ‘No survivors’ on crashed Boeing 737 -BBC

Lion Air crash: Boeing 737

Map of crash

On October 29, 2018, a Lion Air Boeing 737, crashed into the Java Sea 13 minutes after take off from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport Indonesia. All 189 onboard died.As still the lion air investigation on the way & Boeing already distanced itself from any possible defects of the plane and blamed lion air for maintenance. But two Similar aircraft falling from sky in same way made the speculation of production defects as a viable candidates of those tragic crashes, what already took 347 lives.

Being 737 Max

Number built350 as of January 2019

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