Citibank, N.A.(Bangladesh) -Profile

Bank Name Citibank, N.A.
Status: Active
Bank Holding Company 
Date EstablishedFounded in 1812
Since 1987 in Bangladesh
Bank Charter ClassForeign Commercial Bank
Regulator  Bangladesh Bank in Bangladesh
Ownership Type Private limited in Bangladesh
Total assets $1,917 billion (2018)
Headquarters 8 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Number of Branches / Locations Three Branches, Two Banking Offices 
Number of employees More Than 150 Employees in Bangladesh.
Basic Functions Retail Banking, Credit Cards, International Banking, Consumer Banking, Private & Commercial Banking, Treasure & Trade Solution, Markets and Securities Services & Other Banking Services.
Customer Complient Dial +88 096 6699 1000 / +88 02 8833567
Citibank, N.A.(Bangladesh) -Profile

Citibank, N.A. Bangladesh, Head Office

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