New Coronavirus testing kit can detect Coronavirus within 10-15 minutes : Developed by a Bangladeshi Medical center Gonoshasthaya Kendra

A Bangladeshi prominent medical facility Gonoshasthaya Kendra announced that they developed a “Rapid Dot Blot ” Coronavirus detection kit what can detect a corona-virus patient with a Simple blood test .The medical center claims that it is possible to detect Corona in just five minutes with this low-cost kit.That method was invented by Dr. Bijan Kumar Shill . The Gonoshasthaya Kendra started working from February this year to produce the test kit for the virus. Bijon Kumar Sil, previously worked in Singapore during the creation of the SARSPOC Diagnosis Kit (SARSPOC kit) . The virus can be detected in this kit by collecting blood samples of the infected person.

Bangladesh Government give Permission to Start Production

zafrullah chowdhury

The Bangladesh government has allowed the production of a kit created by Gonoshasthaya Kendra . the founder Jafarullah Chowdhury said “”We received approval from the government to manufacture this kit some time ago,” he said. It will take seven days to arrive from the UK. We will go into production when the raw material comes ” In this kit First, blood samples of the suspect will be taken. The ‘serum’ must be separated from that blood. By placing the serum in the kit, it will react with antigen. If there is a reaction, then there is evidence that the suspected person has an early presence of the virus in their body .

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Gonoshasthaya Kendra claims developing coronavirus testing

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