Russia is not looking for conflicts with anyone : Lavrov

In recent meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg , Lavrov the russian foreign minister told  that he supports the resumption of military cooperation with the alliance. Without it, the diplomats’ meetings do not make any sense, he said. “We need to resume [our] military cooperation. [And yet] NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, surrounded by his deputies yesterday, couldn’t say that NATO is ready for this. It’s sad,” Lavrov said.

NATO’s expansion has led to an unprecedented level of tension over the last 30 years in Europe,” he said. 

Statements made by Western politicians at the Munich Security Conference demonstrate that the Cold War is not over yet, Lavrov said.

They say that all wars begin in the minds of people, and by this logic, that’s where they are supposed to come to an end. However, this hasn’t been the case with the Cold War yet, [at least] judging by some speeches of politicians in Europe and in the US, including statements that were made yesterday and today at the beginning of our conference,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov noted that 2017 marks 20 years since the signing of the NATO-Russia Founding Act in Paris, and 15 years since the adoption of the Rome Summit Declaration on the new form of Russia-NATO relations.

“A commitment from Russia and the West to jointly provide security, based on respect for each other’s interests, to enhance mutual trust, prevent a split in the Euro-Atlantic area, and to erase the dividing lines, formed the basis of these documents,” the Russian FM said.

Moscow disagrees with claims that it has attempted to undermine the liberal world order. “We strongly disagree with those who have accused Russia and the new centers of global influence of an attempt to undermine the so-called liberal world order,” Lavrov said. According to the Russian foreign minister, the crisis of this world model has been programmed.

Linking the lifting of the sanctions from Russia with the implementation of the Minsk Agreements is illogical, he continued.

Russia will not lift its sanctions against the EU either, until the Minsk Agreements are met, he said.

“We also want the Minsk Agreements to be implemented, and we will not remove our sanctions from the EU until the Minsk Agreements are fully met. This also must be understood,” Lavrov pointed out.


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