Six Ukrainian Arrested in Bangladesh for ATM Heist

Six Ukrainian nationals were arrested in Bangladesh for ATM forgery. At the beginning of the first day of forgery, they withdraw 3000 USD from a Dutch Bangla Bank ATM Booth. The fraudsters used new technology to withdraw the cash from the ATM booth. They did not use skimming devices to clone cards. They took the money out of the ATM’s vault. No account of that transaction has been recorded in the bank server. An unverified source says scammer name Hidden Cobra has injected ‘never-before-seen spyware’ in the DBBL security system in the past week. A senior DB Pollice official said that as the security system of the bank was compromised by then, and the ATM machine did not send any signal to the bank server whenever cash was withdrawn by the Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian fraudsters entered Bangladesh on May 30 and checked in Hotel Olio International on Panthapath in the capital, Police arrested six of the seven Ukrainian suspects. They are Denys Vitomskyi, 20, Nazarii Vozniuk, 19, Volodymyr Trishchynskyi, 37, Serheii Ukrainets, 33, Oleg Shevchuk, 46, and Valentyn Sokolovskyi, 37. It’s still unclear everybody was part of the scam or some.

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