The Kashmir on Fire

Kashmir is a northwestern geopolitical region in south Asia Now administered by India, Pakistan, and China. It’s a Great Himalayan region famous for Its natural beauty, Now the most militarized region in the world. Sandwiched between Three rival power in the region, Its the people of Kashmir termed as a terrorist and now cut off from the world. Indian-administered Kashmir has been under lockdown since 5 August 2019 , when India revoked a special constitutional status dating back 1947.

Thousands of gun-wielding Indian army troops patrol deserted streets that are barricaded with coils of razor wire, and residents remain locked up inside their homes even in the day of Eid ul Azha. Major mosques and religious sites were closed, shutdown on communications remained in place for an eighth day, with no regular Internet, mobile phone or fixed-line. Shops were shut, their shutters and walls carrying graffiti, “Go India Go Back” and “We Want Freedom. Police and troops, many wearing heavy riot gear, dotted silent streets waiting to be inflamed by anger and frustration of its People.

Extract From World Media :

Inside Kashmir’s lockdown: ‘Even I will pick up a gun- BBC

The paramilitary police try to hustle us away but the man wants to be heard. “You lock us up during the day. You lock us up at night,” he shouts angrily, wagging his finger. …. Across the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley, I meet men who tell me they no longer want to live life in fear of the security forces …

When the siege is lifted and protesters are able to take to the streets, Mr Malik predicts that every Kashmiri will join them . her hands began to shake and her mother, sitting next to her, began to cry. “She was saying death would be better than this….Some in the Indian press have reported that since there have been no major protests in Kashmir valley so far, it means people have accepted the government’s decision.

I’ve been visiting the region regularly for over 20 years to report on the long-running insurgency against Indian rule, but the sort of anger and resentment that is being expressed now is unprecedented

BBC Reporter

Cut-off Kashmir resorts to primitive communication methods – DW

“We have stopped going out. We fear for our lives. I was told by [security] forces on the road that journalists were not allowed to move. This country cannot call itself a democracy,”………A photographer with an international news agency told DW that he went to shoot footage in Srinagar but was told by the forces to go back before his camera was broken. “There is a lot of hostility towards the media now,” he said.

This is the murder of media. We have been stopped from telling the story of people.

A Photographer to DW

Article 370: What happened with Kashmir and why it matters

Many Kashmiris believe that the BJP ultimately wants to change the demographic character of the Muslim-majority region by allowing non-Kashmiris to buy land there.

The Kashmir gambit may help the BJP’s prospects in elections in a few Indian states in October, and it may temporarily deflect attention from India’s faltering economy. But its radicalism may have re-invigorated the Kashmir conflict in a way the dynamic duo will find difficult to manage going forward ——

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