Toyota to Build an assembly plant in Myanmar what’s about Bangladesh?

According to the various Japanese media outlet, Toyota is planning to build a manufacturing plant in Myanmar. Does the question arise why Toyota is not assembling its car in Bangladesh? Toyota has 80% market share in Bangladesh but it fails to understand the market potential & joins hand with a genocidal Government.

Bangladesh automobile Market size in more than 3 Billion and yearly Import is More than 2 Billion. Another Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi already invested a hundred million dollars in Bangladesh to assemble cars in Bangladesh. Vehicle import from Japan to Bangladesh stands for 397.9 Million in 2017-2018 and most of the Japanise vehicle Import is Toyota.


Bangladesh open view in importing second-hand Japanese car may be affecting Toyotas motivation.  Bangladeshi People have a negative expression for Myanmar for its systematic massacre of Rohingya people. Toyota’s new friendship with Myanmar military junta can lead to a Toyota Boycott Movement in Bangladesh

Toyota to build assembly plant in Myanmar

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