Dhaka District Map

The image is a detailed road map of the Dhaka District in Bangladesh. Here are the key features and descriptions:

  1. Geographic Boundaries:
    • North: District Tangail
    • East: District Gazipur and District Narayanganj
    • South: District Munshiganj
    • West: District Manikganj
  2. Sub-Districts and Important Areas:
    • Dhaka City Corporation (central area)
    • Keraniganj (southern area)
    • Nawabganj (southwest area)
    • Dhamrai (northwest area)
    • Savar (north-central area)
Town/Village NameApproximate Geographical PositionMajor Connecting Road(s)
Dhaka City23.8103° N, 90.4125° EN1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N8
Savar23.8439° N, 90.2569° EN1, N5, R295
Keraniganj23.7376° N, 90.3491° EN1, R295
Nawabganj23.6214° N, 90.2937° EN8, R295
Dohar23.6469° N, 90.1127° EN8, R295
Harirampur23.8103° N, 90.0292° EN8, Z2902
Manikganj (District)23.8617° N, 90.0008° EN4, Z2902

  1. Major Roads:
    • Several major roads crisscross the district, shown in red. These roads connect the different sub-districts and significant towns within Dhaka District.
  2. Rivers and Water Bodies:
    • Rivers and water bodies are marked in blue, indicating the water flow across the district. Significant rivers include the Buriganga River in the southern region.
  3. Landmarks and Settlements:
    • Important towns and villages are marked, including Kusumpur, Demrai, Pailan, Tetuljhora, Keraniganj, Kalatia, Agla, Rohitpur, and many others.
  4. Transportation Network:
    • A comprehensive road network is illustrated, including main roads (red lines), secondary roads (black lines), and smaller routes (green lines).
  5. Surrounding Districts:
    • The map clearly marks the borders with neighboring districts, providing a clear view of Dhaka’s location within the larger context of the Dhaka Division.
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