Watch over few to Guard millions

Mission Coverage & Priorities Policy

The mission and priority of coverage area can be found in its seven editorial policy .  Primarily the News coverage is focused on Various important issue regarding Bangladesh and its neighboring Countries .

Watch over few to Guard millions

The fourth fundamental Principle of is to bring transparency in Bangladesh Public sector and accountability  .  When people got power and muscle they tend to think invincible and usually misuse their power to gain specific interest . The Constitution of Bangladesh Gives all the power to its Citizen . If The temporary custodian of specific defined power misused its executive power _ Its badly harm the public Interest . 

So our primary focus and Coverage to watch few executive power holder in the government organization to bring transparency . 

We are interested in reporting why the Road was damaged , who built it ,  who approved it ,&  who monitored it   rather reporting  ” Newly constructed road in Devastating Condition ” 

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