Samsung Set to Win Over $6 Billion From US to Expand Chipmaking Beyond Texas – Bloomberg

In a significant boost to semiconductor manufacturing in the United States, Samsung Electronics Co. is poised to receive a substantial financial award exceeding $6 billion. This strategic move, facilitated by the 2022 Chips and Science Act, aims to augment Samsung’s existing expansion plans in Texas, signalling a robust commitment to enhancing domestic chip production capabilities.

Here are the key details:

  1. Award Amount: The grant, totaling over $6 billion, aims to bolster Samsung’s presence in the US semiconductor industry.
  2. Purpose: The funds will support Samsung’s expansion efforts beyond its existing project in Taylor, Texas, where the company had previously announced a $17 billion investment2. While the exact location of the additional investment remains undisclosed, it signifies a significant commitment to strengthening Samsung’s foothold in the American chipmaking landscape.
  3. Context: The Chips Act, enacted to promote domestic semiconductor production, allocated substantial resources—$39 billion in direct grants and additional loans and guarantees—to encourage top semiconductor companies to manufacture chips within the US. This initiative seeks to reverse decades of chip production being outsourced abroad.
  4. Additional Awardees: In addition to Samsung, the Commerce Department is expected to announce a grant exceeding $5 billion for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), Samsung’s Asian competitor1. TSMC has been a key player in advanced chip manufacturing, particularly those powering artificial intelligence applications.
  5. Anonymity: The insiders who shared this information did so on the condition of anonymity, pending the official announcements.

The forthcoming allocation from the Commerce Department represents one of several pivotal awards anticipated to be disclosed shortly. Notably, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), a key player in the global semiconductor arena and a competitor of Samsung, is also expected to secure a grant surpassing $5 billion.

These developments underscore the US government’s concerted efforts to fortify its semiconductor industry, deemed essential for national security and economic prosperity. By incentivizing leading chipmakers like Samsung and TSMC to scale up their operations on American soil, the administration seeks to mitigate supply chain vulnerabilities and reassert technological leadership on the world stage.

The details of these awards have been shared by sources requesting anonymity, pending the official announcements. The strategic distribution of funds underlines the government’s proactive stance in addressing the semiconductor supply crunch that has impacted various sectors, from automotive to consumer electronics.

As we await further details from the Commerce Department, the industry is abuzz with anticipation. These grants could mark a watershed moment for US semiconductor manufacturing, potentially catalyzing a new era of innovation and competitiveness.

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