The Indian Ghost in Wikipedia & The History of Bengal

The history of Bengal, a region in South Asia, is marked by a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and ethnicities. However, when one delves into online sources, such as Wikipedia, the portrayal of Bengal’s history appears to be subject to a particular perspective that may not adequately represent the diversity of the region.

Bengal in Global Position – Map

One of the challenges encountered by individuals attempting to contribute to Bengal-related pages on Wikipedia is the apparent bias introduced by a group of editors. These editors seem to uphold a narrative that often portrays Bengal as an offspring of a delusional Indian heritage, thereby perpetuating what some perceive as disinformation. The influence of this perspective, which may constitute around 30% of the content, raises concerns about the accuracy and fairness of historical representations.

Numerous attempts have been made by concerned individuals, including the author, to rectify historical inaccuracies by providing well-referenced information. However, these corrections often face obstacles as they are either swiftly removed or altered back to the previously established narrative. This resistance to incorporating diverse perspectives suggests a concerted effort by a group of editors with a shared agenda.

It is important to acknowledge that Wikipedia relies on the collective efforts of volunteers and editors, but the presence of a seemingly coordinated group enforcing a specific narrative raises questions about the platform’s commitment to neutrality. The continuous removal of accurate information and the persistence of a particular historical viewpoint undermine Wikipedia’s role as a reliable source of information.

Addressing this issue requires a concerted effort to encourage a more inclusive and objective representation of Bengal’s history on platforms like Wikipedia. Engaging in constructive dialogue with the editing community and providing well-documented sources that reflect the true diversity of Bengal can contribute to a more accurate portrayal of its history. Moreover, raising awareness about the need for unbiased historical representation may prompt a reconsideration of editorial practices within the Wikipedia community.

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