Bangladesh Deploying Army to Fight Coronavirous Outbreak

From Tuesday (March 28), Bangladesh Army will be deployed to assist the district administration in ensuring social distance and alertness in the divisional and district cities. They will support the local administration until further announcement.The district magistrate and his commanders of the armed forces in their respective areas will receive assistance through the requisition form. The army will assist the civil administration .

In response to a question after the press conference, the cabinet secretary told that army members would work in the field to assist the local administration according to the number of army members sought by the administration.

  • It has been announced to close all shops and markets in Bangladesh from Monday 23rd March.
  • Drivers and assistants must use gloves and masks.
  • Earlier, all schools were declared closed till March 5th.
  • Higher Secondary and equivalent examinations are postponed.
  • Higher Secondary Exam is expected to start from 1st April

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