Coronavirus epidemic is a threat to the National Security of Bangladesh: What to Do?

  • Bangladesh MUST Declare emergency — an epidemic is a threat to national security.
  • If this bureaucracy continues millions will die without any treatment – It will destroy the national economy will break the moral health of the nation.
  • An uncontrolled epidemic will result in this nation’s dependency on foreign powers, especially neighbors. Many will try to take political advantage in the long run – it severely compromises national security.
  • The government is not morally responsible for the nation.

What to do?

  • Deploy troops
  • Forme a Central command responsible for Coronavirus
  • Place civilian authority under Military commands.
  • Place health ministry directly under Armed forces.
  • Place the Ministry of Home Affairs under army supervision.
  • all monitoring and decision from a single central command.
  • All ministry will follow the directive of the central command.
  • Add more testing facilities and private hospitals & NGOs in this campaign.

What if not Done

 If the emergency is not declared on time

  • This political bureaucracy and blame game will be responsible for thousands or millions of deaths in this country.
  • It will rise religious extremism.
  • Conservative religious parties will gain massive popularity – this nation will be in great uncertainty.
  • It will destroy both the political and military strength of this nation.
  • no development will be enough to counter a psychologically devasted nation.

The so-called free press and Media, friends of the country and the forces will be mainly responsible for the Death of thousands – not This government.

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