You are currently viewing ECNEC Allocated USD 3.87 Billion For Oil Pipeline, Fertiliser Factory , Fire Brigade ,Fourth Shitalakhya  Bridge & 16 More Project

ECNEC Allocated USD 3.87 Billion For Oil Pipeline, Fertiliser Factory , Fire Brigade ,Fourth Shitalakhya Bridge & 16 More Project

October 9, 2018. Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec)

In the 9th ECNEC meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina approved 3.87$ Billion dollar development project. The much-awaited Dhaka Chittagong Oil Pipeline project and Ghorashal Palash Urea Fertiliser Factory got the committee approval.  Construction of 25 Fire brigade station in various   Upozilla and Fourth Shitalakhya River Bridge in Naryanganj  Kodamrasul received the allocation with another 16 projects. 

Dhaka- Chittagong Oil Pipeline

Length 250 km – Dhaka to Chittagong 
Cost$340 Million/Tk 2,861 crore 
OperatorBangladesh Petroleum Corporation
capacity60,000 barrels per day
 Bangladesh Army 
TypeUnderground Pipeline
9 October 2018
Completion Year2020 

  238-kilometer pipeline, using 16-inch radius pipes would be set up from Chittagong to Godnail, Naryanganj. From Godnail to Fatullah, a 10-inch radius 8.29km pipeline and from Comilla to Chandpur, a 6-inch radius 59.23km underground petroleum pipeline would be set up. It would cross 22 rivers, 46 roads, and 11 rail crossings

Benefits of Oil Pipeline

  • Low-cost Oil transfer from Chittagong port to Dhaka.
  • Secured underground Transmission ensures energy security.
  • Environment-Friendly.

Ghorashal Palash Urea Fertiliser Factory

Name Ghorashal Palash Urea Fertiliser Factory
Cost1245.24 Million USD / Tk 10,460 crore
capacity 2,800 tonnes  per day/ 9,24,000 Tons Per Year

The new urea factory will be set up aiming to meet the growing demand of fertilizer and thus ensure food security in the country.The countrywide annual demand of urea is in between 2.6 to 3 million tons, but six fertilizer factories run under the BCIC can produce roughly 9,00,000 to 1 million tons. After completion BCIC will be able to produce 1.8 Million tonnes Fertilizer locally. 

Another 18 Development project 

Project Name Cost In USD MIllion/ Corro taka 

Cross-Border Road Network Improvement Project $ 438.57 /Tk 3,684.55 crore
New Campus for Jagannath University228.57  / 1920
Rural Connectivity Improvement Project (LGED 436.55 / 3667
Mirsara Economic Zone Tk1,657.43 crore
Displaced Myanmar nationals
Tk104.44 crore
Emergency Assistance Project (LGED) Tk297.30 crore
Mithamain upazila of Kishoreganj Wave Protection, and Embankment ProtectionTk304.95 crore
embankments of KarnaphuliTk398.91
Gangachhara River  Teesta Rive Ebrekment in the Rangpur district and Tk168.84 crore

Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Road 
458 Corror
Khulna City Corporation Tk607.57 crore
Fire Service and Civil Defence Station at 25 important upazila Tk 883.53 crore
12 Existing Cadet Colleges Tk428.54 crore
Rural Infrastructure DevelopmentTk769.42 crore
Kodamrasul Bridge over the Shitalakhya River under the Narayanganj City Corporation at 590.75 crore


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