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Bangladesh Defence Power

Bangladesh’s Defense Power: Rising through the Ranks Over the years, Bangladesh has made significant strides in enhancing its defense capabilities. From its humble beginnings, the nation has transformed into a formidable force in the South Asian region. Today, Bangladesh stands proud as it holds the 37th position in global defense capabilities, a marked improvement from […]

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Civil-Military Relations In Bangladesh : A Critical Analysis

CMR in Bangladesh Perspective Bangladesh is a unique example in the world in the context of CMR (Civil-Military Relations) . Bangladesh has a people oriented military where military co-exists with civilian in a homogeneous society. The success of proactive CMR in Bangladesh first realized from our great liberation war in 1971 when trained military and



IMPACT OF MILITARY INVOLVEMENT IN COUNTER TERRORISM The use of the military in counterterrorism presents a number of problems. The use of military organizations in counterterrorist missions generates unintended consequences on three different levels Terrorist organizations Military Institutions Civil Society and Politics The high level violence created by the military leads the terrorist to respond


Propaganda , Mass Media & War

Propaganda as a tool to create a favorable situation in conflict is as old as reliable recorded evidence exists. ‘Chanakya’in his book “Arthashastra” gave due importance in propaganda as a war fighting tool. One of the glaring examples of propaganda has been recorded during Sepoy Mutiny in 1857, where propaganda could motivate and unite Hindus


Princess Beatrice Will Marry in 2020: Royal Weeding

Princess Beatrice of York is the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Cousine of Prince William.  She is the elder daughter of Prince Andrew, the third child of the Queen. Buckingham Palace has announced that Princess Beatrice is engaged & the wedding will take place in 2020. The engagement photos were taken by Beatrice’s sister Princess Eugenie


Oppressed theory in Hijab . Who is to Blame ?

The reason behind the development of the Oppressed theory in Hijab is a modern time phenomenon. Usually, western culture or especially European liberal thinks the hijab is a sign of oppressive Islamic culture. And Muslim usually blame western culter for not understanding  Islam .  Some arbs countries, Iran, Saudi Arabia and especially Taliban Afganistan forcefully imposed

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Bangladesh Breaking News, Bangladesh Military News, Breaking News, Story

We Never Compromised with anybody ,Bangladesh to Give Befitting Reply if Attacked – PM Sheikh Hasina

  Our Honorable prime minister the daughter of Father of the nation Sheikh Hasina  said in the commissioning of Bangladesh Navy Submarine Fleet ” Bangladesh is a peaceful nation , Its foreign policy is to maintain friendship with all . But Bangladesh never compromised with anybody when it came to its self respect  “  

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Bangladesh is safer than India for Business : Maplecroft Civil Unrest Index

A United Kingdom Based research firm  Maplecroft  Civil Unrest Index show that Bangladesh is much safer than India to do  Business . Some recent political violence trigger the 6th position of Bangladesh in the index but its neighbour India have higher risk factor for business investment  . France which has been grappling with political protests and

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