You are currently viewing ECNEC Allocated USD 347$ Million  for Food Sailo ,University Research & Exibition Center

ECNEC Allocated USD 347$ Million for Food Sailo ,University Research & Exibition Center

In an ECNEC meeting headed by the Prime minster sheikh Hsina in 10 july 2018 the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec)  allocated  347 $ million dollar equivalent to 2920 corer Taka for six project .

Food Sailo Renovation :

Bangladesh Have 2722 Verious size food sailo with a storage capacity of 21 lack Tonns . In this proposed plan 37.74 Million /317 corer taka   will be used to devolve the security system and electrical connection of  550 Sailo . Under the project, 725 CCTV cameras and 725 solar panels and instant power supply (IPS) systems will be installed at the silos.


China-Bangladesh exhibition center : 155$ Million

The committee allocated 155$ mIllion USD equivalent to 1303 Corer Taka to develop and redesign the International standered exhibition center for  trade show and entertainment venue .  From 155 Total 74.52 $ million will be provided by china as a Grant .

Scheduled to have been completed last month, the project is now stipulated to be over in December 2020


Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center


Bangladesh Agricultural University to get USD 78.57 Million

Bangladesh Agricultural University  in 1961.situated at the western side of the old Brahmaputra river covering an area of 1200 acre, 3 kilometers away south of Mymensingh town Since its establishment,The university completed 322 research projects and has 112 ongoing projects .


The government also approved Three more projects at the meeting.
They are

  • Expansion of Maijdee-Rajganj-Chhayani-Basurhat-Chandraganj  highway project at  30 Millon USD taka 252 Corror
  • Expansion of Khanjahan Ali Airport under Public Private Partnership (PPP) at  USD 25.83 Million
  • Project for upward expansion of circuit houses in 37 districts at  USD 20.24 Million


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