Magnificant Bangladesh & Shakib beat West Indies by seven wickets

Bangladesh beat West Indies by seven wickets: Cricket World Cup 2019 . Bangladesh 322-3 (Shakib 124, Das 94) Pulled for four!  Massive, massive result for Bangladesh.

They have been ruthless in this chase . Shakib Al Hasan with one of THE great World Cup performances. Fearless like he’s been throughout the tournament and making sure he’s there at the end this time as well .

Shakib’s 124* was an innings of pure class and responsibility, style and pragmatism. The run-rate was always on track to complete the chase. Liton’s 94* cant score century as there was no Nrun to chase his three consecutive sixes to Gabriel will live long in the memory of Bangladesh fans .

Sakib Bat at 3

Sakib Al Hasan Said ” It feels great. To stay at the wicket till the end was the most satisfying. I’ve been working on my batting and it’s paying off. (On wanting to bat at three) I know if I bat at three I’ll get more opportunities, more time to bat. What happens sometimes if I bat at 5, is I’ll come in at the 30th over or 40th over, which I felt is not ideal for me. I’m working on my bowling too. At this moment I’m doing okay but I can certainly get better. (On the supporters) They have been fantastic throughout this World Cup, I hope they keep on supporting us. ”

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