Bangladesh started developing its first indigenously built man-portable air defense missiles system in its defense industrial complex. This MANPADS equipped with infrared seeker & resistance to flares. This portable air-defense system designed to engage low flying targets, it has a range of 6 km and a maximum altitude of 13000 Feet.

The missile is capable of all-aspect attack and has a 70% single shot hit probability. It can engage targets manoeuvring at up to 4 g .

Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS or MPADS) are portable surface-to-air missiles for low-flying aircraft, especially helicopters.

In 2015 The state-owned Bangladesh Ordnance Factories signed a contract with Chinese arms maker Aerospace Long-March International For Transfer of Technology of Flying Crossbow-6 or FN-6 .

FN6 of Bangladesh Ordnance Factories

FN6 is  third generation passive infrared homing (IR) man portable air defence system(MANPADS) Devloped by China . Export sales of the weapon is the responsibility of China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation . FN6 can obtain a maximum speed of 360 m/s when flying head-on, and 300 m/s when tail chasing. The missile’s operating range is from 500 m to 6 km .

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