Political History of Bangladesh


The political history of Bangladesh can be timelined with the history of Bengal. It’s ancient history and legend are most of them forgotten




The election was held on 7 December 1970. The total number of voters were 29,479,386. The number of casting votes was 17,005,163 (57.68%), the valid casting votes was 1,64,54,278.[1]

SerialPolitical PartyTotal CandidatesSeatsVotesPercentageSymbol
1Awami League1621601,23,38,92174.9%Boat
3Nijame Islami49000%
5Pakistan Muslim League (Convention)9304,64,1852.8%
6Pakistan Muslim League (Kou)5002,74,4531.6%
7Pakistan Muslim League (Kayum)6501,75,8221%
8National Awami Party (Wali)3903,10,9861.8%
9Independent (politician)11415,61,0833.4%




he election was held on 7 March 1973. Total number of voter=3,52,05,642; Cast votes=1,93,29,683 (54.9%); Valid casting votes=1,88,51,808 (53.54%); Reserved Women Seats=15.[3]

e • d Summary of the 07 March 1973 Bangladeshi Jatiyo Sangshad election
SerialPartyTotal CandidatesSeatsVotes%Symbol
1Awami League3002931,37,93,71773.2%Boat
2Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal237112,29,1106.52%Torch
3National Awami Party (Mozaffar)224015,69,2998.33%Hut
4National Awami Party (Bhasani)169010,02,7713%Sheaf of Paddy
5Communist Party of Bangladesh4047,2110.25%Key
6Communist Party of Bangladesh (L)2018,6190.1%Bullock Cart
7Bangladesh Jatiyo League8162,3540.33%Plough
8Banglar Communist Party3011,9110.06%Axe


The election was held on 18 February 1979.[4] Total number of voter=3,87,89,239; Cast votes=1,96,76,124 (50.94%); Valid casting votes=1,92,68,437 (49.67%); Reserved Women Seats=30.[5]

e • d Summary of the 18 February 1979 General Election election
SerialPartyTotal CandidatesSeatsVotes%Symbol
1Bangladesh Nationalist Party29820779,34,23641.16%Sheaf of Paddy
2Awami League(Malek)2953947,34,27724.55%Boat
3Awami League(Mizan)18425,53,4262.72%Ladder
4Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal24089,31,8514.84%Torch
5Bangladesh Muslim League and Islamic Democratic League2662019,41,39410.08%Lantern (Hurricane)
6National Awami Party (Mo)8914,32,5142.25%Hut
7National Awami Party (Naser)28025,3360.14%Rose
8National Awami Party (Nuru Jahid)38088,3850.46%Lamp
9Communist Party of Bangladesh11075,4550.39%Key
10United Peoples Party7001,70,9550.89%Bullock Cart
11Bangladesh Jatiyo League14269,3190.36%Plough
12Bangladesh Gono Front4621,15,6220.60Bicycle
13Jatioybadi Gonotantrik Dal29027,2590.14Fish
14Shramik Krishak Samajbadi Dal204,9540.02Umbrella
15Bangladesh Samyabadi Dal20174,7710.39
16Bangladesh Gonotantrik Andolon1607,7380.04Chair
17Bangladesh Labour Party18134,2590.17Clock
18Jatioy Janata Party9010,9320.06Mango
19Bangladesh Jatioy Dal(Huda)600Date Tree
20Bangladesh Gonotantrik Dal503,5640.01
21Jatiyo Ekata Party3144,4590.23Inkpot
22Peoples Democratic Party305,7030.02Horse
23Bangladesh Janat Mukti Party303,3630.01Spade
24Jatiotabadi Gonotantrik Chashi Dal201300.01Elephant
25United Republican Party203890.01Pineaple
26Bangladesh Gono Ajadi League101,3780.01Aeroplane
27Bangladesh Nejame Islami101,5750.01Candle
28Bangladesh Tati Samity101,83400.01Pitcher
29National Republican Party1014,4290.07Cow



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