Bangladesh Taking measures to sure quarantine but It’s Not Enough.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly warned that keeping people at quarantine for 14 days is the only way to prevent a Coronavirus outbreak. Despite the identification of coronavirus in Bangladesh, it has been seen that peoples are not following the government directives. Health Mister Zahid Malek said Saturday that efforts were underway to confirm quarantine by listing the number of people who have come from abroad so far this month. He said police had been ordered to lock the door to quarantine if needed.

ইতালি ফেরত অনেক প্রবাসী আশকোনা হজক্যাম্পের পরিবেশ নিয়ে অভিযোগ তুলে সেখানে কোয়ারেন্টিনে থাকবেন না বলে জানান।

The health minister said many people in our country are so irresponsible that even though they are asked to stay in the home quarantine, they are jumping out the windows and jumping through the gate. That is why we have told the police to lock them up if needed. Many of them are being kept locked up. This is done for his good, for the good of his family .

Although social distance is important to prevent coronavirus, many do not follow the rules. Rather, he has seen those expatriates spending close time with their family, as well as walking around in the streets, in the market, in the mosque, in their care.

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