Bangladesh has given all kinds of tax exemptions for PPE, Test Kit , Sanitizer.

To combat coronavirus outbreaks, the Bangladesh government has given all kinds of tax exemptions for importing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Raw Material of Antibiotic, Hand Sanitizer, Coronavirus Test Kit & Reagent, Surgical Mask, Isopropyl Alcohol, Protective Clothing made by Plastic Sheet, Protective glass. The notification states that all import duties, regulatory duties, supplementary tariffs, value-added tax, advance tax, and advance income tax have been exempted by the government in the public interest to address the global pandemic of coronavirus. The facility will continue until June.

In this regard, NBR member (customs policy) Syed Golam Kibria told BSS that all tax exemptions have been granted in the case of import of these emergency items to meet the lack of coronavirus preventative equipment and materials in the country. However, an organization will only be allowed to import products that are approved by the Department of Drug Administration. In addition, the Department of Drug Administration will confirm and monitor whether the imported products are standard

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