BD Election : Ruling Alliance Gained 288 out of 300 But Polls Credibility in Question

The Bangladesh Ruling Party Awami League aiming to form Government for 3rd consecutive term ,which is unprecedented in the history of Bangladesh’s . But The Election credibility is in question by allegations of gross irregularities, ballot stuffing,closing down polls before the official ending time , even filled ballot boxes in polling center before Pool started . However before the election various National and International survey suggested Sheikh Hasina Lead Government will form the next government in a fair election . But activity of Ruling party men in Polling station reflected the lack of trust in Voters and attitude to prevent voters to cast their votes,What is A constitutional rights of every citizen . Many Awami league ordinary supporter was unable to cast vote . Nobody wanted a election like this from the most popular political party of Bangladesh . Why deprive citizen rights to Manipulate a election you supposed to win ?

Election Result
AL-led Alliance

BNP Lead Alliance
2018 288 7
Percentage of Popularity is Previous Election
Awami League

Bangladeshi General Election, 1991 30.08% 30.81%
Bangladeshi General Election, 1996 37.4 %33.6 %
 Bangladeshi general election, 2001 40.02 41.40
Bangladeshi general election, 2008 49.0% 33.2%

In response of some irregularity Opposition demands new vote and described the pools as “farcical” . The Bangladesh Election Commission told Reuters news agency that it had heard vote-rigging allegations from “across the country” and would investigate.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina casts her vote in the morning during the general election in Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 30, 2018.

Sheikh Hasina wins new term as Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Ms Hasina told the BBC on Friday: “On the one hand, they are placing allegations. On the other hand, they are attacking our party workers, leaders. That is the tragedy in this country.”Election violence claims 17 lives so far hurt, 9 held in 22 incidents of violence in 12 district.

AL believes in democracy ,
I’m always confident about our victory in the election… I trust my people and I know that they will choose us so they can get a better future,

Sheikh Hasina 

In 2008 Awami League-led 14-party grand alliance formed the government after getting 263 seats out of 300 ,the opposition BNP alliance got 32 parliamentary seat . This 11th parliamentary election AL alliance gained 281 from 300 & only six for BNP alliance .

Female voters with children stand in a queue at a voting centre in Dhaka

PM Sheikh Hasina denies accusations of rigged vote

After the ection day in a press breafing before foreign journalists and election observers , PM said the accusation of Rigging vote around the country is false .

” It’s a good opportunity for me to continue the development of the country because economic development is very, very important for our country. What we have done the last 10 years, now people are getting the fruit of this development, also they are getting better lives day by day. And we must be hopeful that in the next tenure, it will improve more “

Sheikh Hasina

No matter who wins, it won’t be the people

Bangladesh election marred by ‘vote-rigging’, deadly violence and fears of media crackdown

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