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Biden is The Next President of America & Fox News Angered Trump

After a very intense and competitive  election in the history of America the democratic nominee Joy Biden was  declared as the President elect of the United State . Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received 50.6% vote  Donald Trump received 47.7 percent of vote . In a dramatic twist the conservative Fox news projected the Biden Presidency Before any news outlet in the United States what angered President Donald J Trump . The election coverage of Fox news was  credible and outstanding as in the standard of journalism .In multiple Times Donald Trump and his family members expressed dissatisfaction on Fox news , they  thought Fox news will publish the false misinformation Provided by the Trump campaign . 

 This election was one of the biggest turnout of voters in American history. More than 74 million people voted for joe biden  and 70 million people voted for Donald Trump . 

This election  reflected the divided   America and difference in opinion . While most of the news media outlet  and democratic  parties predicted – Biden   will win in a landslide ,  this 2020 election proved them wrong .  The competition between Joe Biden and Donald Trump  was tough and competitive .  In the last four years Donald Trump has done something great for the economy of the United States but his negative impact on the foreign policy , race  and environment  backfired badly on the United States . 

 Throughout modern history the United States has acted as the leader of the world ,  but the last four years Trump acted as the Nationalist politician  who abandoned the philosophy of US global leadership

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