Russia ?? Accused of Disrupting GPS ? System in Finland ?? & Norway

Today’s world ? communication and Location services is depending on Global Positioning  ? System developed by the USA ??  . The recent NATO war game in Finland ?? northern area witnessed Russian ?? capability of disrupting satellite ? signals in massive level. Norway’s defense intelligence agency said it tracked the source of the signal-jamming to a Russian military base on the nearby, heavily fortified Kola Peninsula 

Defense and civil aviation chiefs in Finland and Norway warned that the GPS jamming posed a serious risk to both military and commercial aircraft using the affected airspace in the High North.

– Russia’s Ambassador to Finland Pavel Kuznetsov has been summoned to a meeting on Monday with Finnish state secretary Matti Anttonen over the disruption of Finland’s global positioning system (GPS) signal during recent NATO war games.

Norway’s civil aviation authorities opened an investigation into possible GPS signal-jamming in the High North at the end of October when several commercial aircraft reported loss of satellite navigation while flying over the Troms and Finnmark regions in the north of the country

The Kremlin on Monday dismissed an earlier allegation from Finland that Russia may have intentionally disrupted the signal during the war games.

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