Netflix’s ‘Extraction’ is an Embarrassment

Netflix movie Extraction is an embarrassment. The story is about rescuing a young kid from a drug lord stronghold. In this movie, the Thor actor Chris Hemsworth was tasked to rescue the kid. It feels like an Indian Movie  – with a Hollywood face. If you exclude Chris from the cast, it isn’t even worth watching. Its like a third-class action movie from 1980 with a yellow filter and VFX.The Gurdian commented “High-impact action sequences are let down by a dud script”. The telegraph commented Extraction: Chris Hemsworth’s big dumb action thriller is a corona-proof joy .

Extraction  is the directorial debut of Sam Hargrave  .  The budget of This movie is only 65 million and it was produced by AGBO American film and television production company led by Russo brothers and India take one production . Extraction is a beautiful example of a low budget, poor storytelling, and third-grade action movie.

Chris Hemsworth throw a Grenade on a police check post in movie – Extraction

Why This Movie is Ridiculously Disturbing?

Usually, movies show law enforcement is the target of a terrorist group but in Extraction, the hero is shooting the police. The villain is the law enforcement agency of Bangladesh.  How on the earth a countries entire law enforcement was called upon to assist a drug lord?

Bangladeshi Point of view

 Bangladesh Army, Rab, and police are the savior of the nation, they represent this proud Bengali Nationality.  They are the symbol of justice in this nation. When a third-class movie shoots our nation’s heroes to rescue an Indian young kid you just cant brand it as entertainment It’s fell like propaganda, its smell like propaganda.

Chris Hemsworth shooting a Bangladeshi Army soldier in the movie – Extraction

Show India is a law-abiding Nation and Druglord Control Bangladesh!

 In this Movie, you will find the biggest drug Lord in India is in jail, and all of his assets seized by the Indian government. But in Bangladesh most of the law enforcement even the army is controlled by the Bangladeshi drug Lord named Asif. This storyline is an insult to this nation.  This movie also projects child soldiers or gangs in Bangladesh.

In Reality

Historically mass-scale drug mafia was never a reality in Bangladesh, Bangladesh doesn’t have any drug Lord like Mexico or Latin American country.  It’s a Muslim country and drug is religiously prohibited, only some petty smugglers do drug business. Bangladesh does have a politically motivated gang culture but it’s only for local or national politics. Without some religious fanatics, no organized criminal gangs ever existed in Bangladesh. Check the News if you wish.

Original Novel VS Movie

Extraction is based on a graphic novel named Ciudad  . The nobel   Was based on the real Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este. Where a mercenary hired to rescue an attractive young woman .  But in this movie Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is tasked to  rescue a  young boy from Bangladesh by killing all of its government  police force and  army soldiers   .


The portrayal of Bangladeshi law enforcement as a villain character shows the poor judgment of storytelling. The storytelling is unfairly prejudiced probably in favor of the Indian audience. This movie probably a Propaganda production backed by a disciplined agency.

Fabricated Logo/ emblem of Bangladesh army in the movie Extraction

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