The United States of America – Country Profile

The United States of America is one of  the greatest nations in the world. With his national Motto “ in  God we trust” the United States of America is a leading advocate of human rights and democracy  around the world. beyond its war and military establishment it’s also one of the most beautiful  countries of the world  .  The United States is also an advocate of capitalism and one of the symbols of imperialism

The Constitution of the United State is perceived as one of the most balanced constitutions For its dynamic separation of power . From the beginning of the 19th century the United state was the world leader in science technology and military . The political stability of the United States and a strong constitution helped the US to focus on nation Building . In 20th  century the United States became the world’s leading industrial manufacturer ,  with a million immigrants from Europe looking for American dream . Deep rooted in the constitution of America the American dream is about democracy, rights, Liberty opportunity and equality of every individual . 

Los Angeles City in California

.The United States is the third largest country in the world  with 328 million  people . 

United States is a country of immigrants. You will find people from around the world  Living  United States. The USA has the most diverse demography . 75% of its population is white –  migrated from Europe  from the 14th century ,16% is black Migrated from Africa ,  7% Asian and only 1.13 Percent is native American . 

Beyond the native American history the modern history of the United State begins by the European invasion of native American land . The arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492 started the  modern historical timeline of the United State . Disagreements between Britain and its colonial states in America resulted American Revolutionary war between 1775 to 1783 . After the independence the United State started   conquering North American colonial territories  . 

New York City – the USA largest city
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