US President Joe Biden has issued a stern warning to Russia’s Vladimir Putin

US President Joe Biden has begun his first official foreign trip. Biden is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. Joe Biden has begun his first official foreign trip with a stern warning to Russia.. He warned that Russia would face “severe consequences” if it engaged in any harmful activities.

Biden to meet Putin in Geneva, White House says, with goal of restoring  'stability' - ABC News

Biden said We do not want a conflict with Russia,” he said. “We want a stable relationship … but I also made it clear that if the Russian government engages in harmful activities, the United States will respond harshly and appropriately.

During the eight-day European tour, Mr. Biden will meet with Queen at Windsor Castle. Biden will meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to agree on a new ‘Atlantic Charter’ .Mr. Biden will attend a meeting of G-7 leaders and attend the first NATO summit as president.

.White House has indicated it will discuss “major issues” with the Russian president, including arms control, climate change, Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine .

Mr. Biden has made it clear that his main goal is to strengthen ties with allies that have been strained under the Trump administration.

Biden begins European visit with a warning for Russia | Reuters

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