Angry Comey Attacking Trump


The United States bombastic president Donald Trump fired the head of FBI James Comey in may 2017, what was a bit insulting to the head of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Now, James Comey’s angry and he is saying something that may create some problem in trump’s presidency.

James Comey Once deputy vice president of Lockheed Martin the biggest military contractor of US army and former director of FBI is now attacking trump in every possible way. 

James Comey official portrait.jpg

James Comey personal opinion about the president is eye-catching. the credibility of the former FBI director is now in question as his comments seems like politically motivated and it’s May influence the Russia investigation by Muller.

Recent comments by James Comey show is supported Hillary Clinton and was sure that Hillary Clinton will be the president of United States.
in an interview, he said that the Donald Trump acts like a Mafia Boss and wanted a complete loyalty towards him. president Donald Trump egoistic behavior is known to all. The Ego what help Trump to be the president of United States.

Trump supporters see the interview or the upcoming book of FBI director just fresh angry reaction for firing him from FBI. 

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