Why choose American Express Card?

In contrast to its two most popular Visa and Mastercard, American Express have a 10.67% market share worldwide. You will therefore rightly ask yourself the question: Why American Express have placed? On closer inspection, however, there are indeed good reasons to make exactly this decision. Because American Express credit card can bring a lot of advantages that will convince you too. These include, for example:

  1. Excellent service around the clock
  2. No “intermediary” banks, but direct contact with American Express
  3. Cardholders are considered to be particularly serious and trustworthy
  4. Collect Membership Rewards points and exchange them for great rewards
  5. Exclusive specials and offers from various shops for members
  6. Discounts on flight, hotel and rental car bookings

If you choose one of the premium cards from American Express, you can also look forward to extensive insurance benefits. In addition, you get a special status with selected partners as well as access to airport lounges. An attractive prospect for both business and private travelers! Security is also a top priority at American Express .

Depending on the main purpose for which you would like to use your credit card, different offers from the American Express portfolio may be considered for you.

Is there an American Express card without an annual fee?

There are also free American Express cards

Although American Express is a more upscale credit card, you don’t necessarily have to pay high annual fees for such a card. In fact, there is even an American Express credit card with no annual fee. This is the PAYBACK credit card, which does not only incur any annual fees in the first year, but also permanently in the following years. For example, with the normal American Express Card or the Gold Card, you may not have to pay any fees in the first year. From the second year on, however, it can be quite expensive. Up to 600 euros per year are due for the American Express Platinum Card.

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