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Japan residents to get free Covid-19 Vaccine

A bill passed in Japan on Wednesday to provide free coronavirus vaccine to all residents of the country. Japan’s House of Councillors unanimously passed the bill, it was approved by the upper house of parliament.  The bill states that the government will bear all the costs of the corona vaccine for Japan’s 126 million residents. Japan’s […]

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Biden is The Next President of America & Fox News Angered Trump

After a very intense and competitive  election in the history of America the democratic nominee Joy Biden was  declared as the President elect of the United State . Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received 50.6% vote  Donald Trump received 47.7 percent of vote . In a dramatic twist the conservative Fox news projected the Biden

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Bangladesh Approved the trial of Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine

The Bangladesh government has approved the trial of a vaccine manufactured by Chinese company Synovac in Bangladesh.The government thinks that, it will get one lakh pieces of vaccine free of cost and will get priority to purchase more required number of vaccines. Apart from that, Bangladesh has very strong friendly relations with the Chinese government.

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Why is Japan Pressuring Japanese Companies to Leave China?

Recently, Japan has sought to reduce its dependence on China for the production and supply of various important and useful products.  The government is pressuring Japanese companies to withdraw investments from China. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has already announced an incentive package of $2.2 Billion economic stimulus package to help its manufacturers shift production out of China .

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What happened between India and China on the border dispute in Ladakh

After a military meeting between India and China on the border dispute yesterday, Delhi said in a statement on Sunday that the two countries wanted a “peaceful solution” to the crisis. China’s state-run mouthpiece, the Global Times, reported an army movement today, but members of the air force flew to the Ladakh border just hours

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Bangladesh Could benefit From Change in the Global Supply Chain: Alice Wells

Alice Wells, Acting Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia, has said that a change in the global supply chain in the context of Covid-19 could benefit Bangladesh’s economy. She made the remarks at a regional virtual press briefing .Wells called the press conference her farewell media briefing while reviewing U.S. policy across South and Central

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Record 34 billion foreign currency reserves in Bangladesh

The country’s foreign currency reserves have reached a new record of 34.23 billion US dollars amid the coronavirus crisis. A senior official of Bangladesh Bank told BSS today that the foreign exchange reserves stood at 34.23 billion on Wednesday as a result of support from development partners and remittance inflows. Earlier, on September 5, 2016,

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63,026 Coronavirus Case in Bangladesh

In the last 24 hours, 35 people have died in Bangladesh for  coronavirus. A total of 648 people have died the country. Meanwhile, the number of corona cases in the country has exceeded 63,000. At present, there are 63,026 patients infected with the virus in the country. Corona has been identified  2,835 people in the

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36 Thousand COVID 19 Patient and 522 Death in Bangladesh

A total of 36,651 has been identified as Covid-19 patients in Bangladesh.  522 people died of the Covid-19 in Bangladesh. In the last 24 hours, 5,408 samples were tested in and 1,116 Covid-19 patients were identified,  21 people have died at this time. Additional Director General of the Department of Health Professor Nasima Sultana told

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China accused of Misleading the World about COVID 19 – US Intelligence

U.S. intelligence found that China misled the world about how bad the corona virus outbreak was while also stockpiling facemasks and other medical supplies. It comes after an earlier intelligence report that says China has never revealed their real numbers of infections and deaths. Tensions between the U.S. and China escalating. U.S. intelligence officials now

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