Zamzam water Analysis

University of Heidelberg, Germany – Zamzam Water Quality Test Result Samples collected in 2007 from pilgrims in Germany. 2007: The same samples analyzed in 2008.2011 (a)Samples collected from local markets in Germany. 2011(b) Samples collected directly from Makkah ———————————— Learn Something New Everyday Parameter WHO 2007 2008 2011 (Germany) 2011( Mecca) pH 6.5–8.5 8 ± 0.2 8 …

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Is Zamzam water holy?

According to Islamic tradition and belief – The water from Zamzam Well is Holy. Its believed to be formed by a strike of Angel Gabriel as Allaha (God) commanded him, to save the Son of Prophet Abraham from thirst. This Islamic belief is also supported by Bible Genesis 21: 17-21 . The modern researcher found …

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