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DHAKA – Bangladesh

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.The settlement in Dhaka dates back to a thousand years. 100 AD Greek Historian Claudius Ptolemy marked Dhaka as a fortified Military city in Ptolemy‘s world map of Asia , 350 Bc Megasthenes Described today’s Dhaka as rich trading and multicultural international trading Hub of Gangaridai. The 1000 BC Vanga/Banga …

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Comilla District

Comilla District is bounded by brahmanbaria and narayanganj districts on the north, noakhali and feni districts on the south, tripura state of India on the east, munshiganj and chandpur districts on the west. Comilla District Map Established in 1790 – Established as the Tippera or Tipperah district of Bengal Presidency .Became separate districts in 1984 Number of parliamentary seats 11 Public university 1 Medical college (government) 1 Medical College …

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Link 22 – Bangladesh Armed Forces tactical data link

Bangladesh Armed forces use a secure digital radio link in the HF and UHF bands, primarily used by military forces as a tactical data link Call ” Bangla-22  ” . Its similar radio technology used by NATO, a secure radio system that provides Beyond Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) communications. Bangladesh Navy initiated the program to install tactical datalinks aboard shore establishments, warships, …

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Bangladesh Pratidin

Bangladesh Pratidin is one of the Popular Daily newspaper in Bangladesh .On printed version It’s one of the cheapest available newspaper in Bangladesh and it’s a subsidiary of Basundhara group . The printed version of Bangladesh Pratidin was first published in 2010 Is online version have more than 2 million unique unique monthly visitor and …

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United States Ambassador to Bangladesh

The Current US Ambassador to Bangladesh is Earl R. Miller , Appointed by President Donald Trump  Nominator The President of the United States Appointer The Presidentwith Senate advice and consent Formation February 28, 1974 Website U.S. Embassy – Dhaka Ambassador of the United States to Bangladesh is  Representative of the President of the United States to Bangladesh . US president Richard …

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Dhaka Stock Exchange : Profile

Dhaka Stock Exchange(DSE) is the Principle Capital Market of Bangladesh, located in Motijheel C/A  Dhaka.Dhaka Stock Exchange Ranked 49th in the world with $47 Billion in Market Capitalization. China’s Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) is DSE’s Strategic partner and have 25 percent stake. The manufacturing sector has average 38% and  …

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Standard Chartered Bank

Name of The Organization Standard Chartered Bangladesh Alternate Name স্ট্যান্ডার্ড চার্টার্ড ব্যাংক Parent Organization Standard Chartered PLC Legal Name Standard Chartered PLC Founding Date 1905-01-01 Location United Kingdom Founder James Wilson logo Service/products Banking, Financial services .Standard Chartered Bangladesh provides Loans, Home Loan, Home Credit, Auto Loan, Home Finance and Card Products, i.e. – Platinum, …

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Organizational Profile of  Name Alternate Name Bangladesh News Network Parent Organization Bizarre Corporate Inc Legal Name Founding Date 2016-03-22 Founder Aziz Tarak logo makesOffer provides information to citizens, convening groups around events and issues, and serving as a watchdog against injustice and enemy masterplan against the Proud nation State ” Bangladesh”. … Read More »


Âdam  is believed to have been the first human being originated “from specific acts of divine creation” . Adam is the center of Creation Theory and Intelligence Design . According to Abrahamic Text Adam or Human being did not Originated on Earth .Adam was created by the Basic element of earth but the creation event …

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Bangladesh Website Link

Website Name Website Link Discription বাংলাদেশ (Bangladesh) জাতীয় তথ্য বাতায়ন The National Web Portal of Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ) is the single window of all information and services for citizens and other stakeholders. Here the citizens can . তথ্য মন্ত্রণালয়-গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ সরকার Bangladesh Open Data | Data For All Bangaldesh at a Glance. Bangladesh …

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List of Pouroshava of Bangladesh

Pouroshava/ Municipal Corporations areas, excluding the cities with city corporations, have municipal corporations, also known as Paurasabha. Paurasabhas are divided into wards, which are further divided into Mauzas and Mahallas. Direct elections are held for each ward, electing a chairperson and a number of members. The municipal heads are elected for a span of five …

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Bangladesh Banking System

Motijheel Commercial Area . Dhaka

Motijheel is Bangladesh prime Commercial Area, Home of Central bank of Bangladesh and all National financial Institution. Most of the commercial bank and Financial institution is headquartered in Motijheel The residence of the President of Bangladesh ” Bangabhaban” is in Motijheel. The Name Motijheel Meaning  ” Ponds of Pearl ” is a medieval name for this …

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Captain Mohammad Zakaria : US Bangla Flight 141

Captain Mohammad Zakaria is a former Bangladesh Airforce Squadron Leader, hailed as a Hero for landing a Boeing 737 aircraft without a Nose gear what saved 171 lives.   His excellent professionalism and ability to act in pressure saved 164 passengers and seven crew member. He attended Bangladesh Air force academy in 1994 and obtained Bachelor in Aerospace …

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River of Bangladesh

The Ganges Delta system. This is the valley stretching from the Himalayas to the sea the only region in the entire world.After flowing from its Himalayan source waters and through Bhutan, China, and India, the mighty Brahmaputra, Ganges and all her sisters empty into the Bay of Bengal.

DGFI – Directorate General of Forces Intelligence

The  Directorate General of Forces Intelligence or popularly DGFI is Bangladesh most powerful intelligence agency working inside and outside the territory of Bangladesh to ensure the national security and to establish the supremacy of  Bangladesh Interest.DGFI is presently organized into nine different bureaus and 19 detachments through which it carries out the intelligence activities. With a motto  …

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