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Bangladesh Protests Myanmar’s Baseless Claims of Arakan Army Base

In a press release of Bangladesh Foreign Affairs in 9 January , Bangladesh Government condemned the immature and baseless claims by the Spokesperson of Myanmar President‘s Office on 7fin January that ” Some Arakan army base in bangladesh ” . ” Bangladesh strongly protests such baseless and provocative accusations, The current clashes are the outcome […]

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UN urges to stop the ‘rushed plans’ of Rohingya repatriation

7 November 2018  Yanghee Lee, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar said on Tuesday. I urge the Governments of Bangladesh and Myanmar to halt these rushed plans for repatriation  UN  Yanghee Lee ,United Nations human rights expert has implored Bangladesh to shelve “rushed plans” to repatriate Rohingya refugees back across

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