Bangladesh in Relation to Former Bengal Presidency

What is Bangladesh ?

Answer: Bangladesh is a Developing country in South Asia & One of the oldest Nation State in the world. Its a Major exporter of Textile and have the Longest sea beach i the world. “Bangladesh” means ‘Country of Bengal’ or ” Country of Bengali People” . Its Population is 180 Million . Bangalis are the  third largest ethnic group in the world . Bangalis are native to the Bengal ,Ganges Delta from Anicient Times .Alexander the Great and Greek Scholars identified The Anicient Bengal as ” Gangaridai” or The people Lived in Ganges Delta . Greek Historical text describe that Alexander withdrew from the South east Asia, anticipating a counterattack from Gangaridai .

Bangladesh Gained Independence after 214 Years of foreign occupation in 1971 . Bengal was occupied by the British in 1757 later British Cabinet Mission of 1946 divided Bengal between India and Pakistan against Popular Demand of United Bengal . Pakistan Ruled “Bangladesh” gained independence in 1971 War of Independence and Became a Independent Bengali Nation . Bangladesh economy ranks 43rd in terms of nominal GDP and 29th in terms of purchasing power parity

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