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Bangladeshi cinema movies I have a rich heritage. The film titles “Sukhmari ” the good girl was first released in Bengal released in 1928. the cinema was introduced in Bangladesh in 1898 by the Bradford Bioscope Company.

Pather Panchali (Bengali: পথের পাঁচালী Directed by
Satyajit Ray

Legendary Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Roy pother pachali what was awarded as the best film in Cannes Film Festival of 1956 ‘

Mukh O Mukhosh (1956).jpg
Mukh O Mukhosh (Bengali: মুখ ও মুখোশlit. 
”The Face and the Mask”) (1956) was the first Bengali language feature film to be made in East Bengal (now Bangladesh)

The Bengali film industries saw a sharp decline after the partition of Bengal as the industry was divided between two countries. Bengali movies were the most artistic and famous in South Asia. But after the partition of Bengal in 1947, the rise of Hindi movies threatened the very existence of the Bengali movie industry. The movie industry in Kolkata West Bengal have greater technological advanced than the Bangladesh movie industry. but recent days cooperation between West Bengal and Bangladesh movie Industries brought some good quality Bengali movies – what was Box office Hit. Bangladesh has more than 300 and West Bengal Half Have 450 cinema hall.

Commercially Successful Flims in Bangladesh

  1. Mukh O Mukhoshsk (1956)
  2. The Day Shall Dawn (1959)
  3. Akash Ar Mati (1959)
  4. Matir Pahar (1959)
  5. Behula (1966)
  6. Nawab Sirajuddaula (1967)
  7. Dui Bhai-Two Brothers (1968)
  8. Seven Brothers Champak (1968)
  9. Story of Life (1970)
  10. 11 Warriors (1972)
  11. A River Called Titas (1973)
  12. Quiet Flows the river Meghna (1973)
  13. Shimana Periye (1977)
  14. Sareng Bou (1978)
  15. Surjo Dighal Bari (1979)
  16. Chhutir Ghonta (Holiday Hours) (1980)
  17. Emiler Goenda Bahini (1980)
  18. Devdas (1982)
  19. The Gypsy Girl (1989)
  20. Chakor(1992)
  21. Aguner Poroshmoni (1994)
  22. Dipu Number Two (1996)
  23. Coolie (1997)
  24. Kukkhato Khuni (2000)
  25. Monpura (2009)
  26. Number One Shakib Khan (2010)
  27. Most Welcome (2012)
  28. PoraMon (2013)
  29. My Name Is Khan (2013)
  30. Nishwartha Bhalobasa (2013)
  31. Full Length Love Story (2013)
  32. The Kingdom (2014)
  33. Agnee (2014)
  34. Faand: The Trap (2014)
  35. Hero: The Superstar (2014)
  36. Most Welcome 2 (2014)
  37. Hitman (2014)
  38. Checkmate(2014)
  39. Romeo vs Juliet (2015)
  40. Chuye Dile Mon (2015)
  41. Love Marriage (2015)
  42. Full Length Love Story II (2016)
  43. Musafir (2016)
  44. Samraat: The King Is Here (2016)
  45. Shikari (2016)
  46. Mental (2016)
  47. Bossgiri (2016)
  48. Aynabaji (2016)
  49. Nabab (2017)
  50. Dhaka Attack (2017)

Highest-grossing Bangladeshi films

RankMovieYearDirectorWorldwide grossNote
1Bengali Beauty2018Rahsaan Noor৳28.06 crore(US$3.3 million)
2Aynabaji2016Amitabh Reza৳12.78 crore(US$1.5 million)
3Boss 2: Back to Rule2017Baba Yadav৳10.50 crore(US$1.2 million)India-Bangladesh joint venture
4Poramon 22018Raihan Rafi৳9.8 crore(US$1.2 million)India-Bangladesh joint venture
5Nabab2017Joydip MukherjeeAbdul Aziz৳7 crore(US$830,000)India-Bangladesh joint vent

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Bangladeshi film industry’s fight for survival

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Bangladeshi film industry, known as Dhallywood, is about to face … About a decade ago, Bangladesh produced about 100 movies a year .
“Rana Plaza” tells a love story against the backdrop of the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka. .

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