Bangladesh Armed forces use a secure digital radio link in the HF and UHF bands, primarily used by military forces as a tactical data link Call ” Bangla-22  ” . Its similar radio technology used by NATO, a secure radio system that provides Beyond Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) communications. Bangladesh Navy initiated the program to install tactical datalinks aboard shore establishments, warships, submarines, and aircraft. Bangla-22 to enable coordination of all action units For this purpose the Bangladesh Armed Forces . It interconnects air, surface, subsurface, and ground-based tactical data systems, and it is used for the exchange of tactical data among the military units

Secured Comuinication

Bangla-22 utilises Openlink tactical datalink solution developed by Technobit, Oesia Group of Spain.  Link 22 employs a strong COMmunications SECurity (COMSEC) system, which is provided by the inclusion of an integral encryption/decryption device inside the Link 22 system. This cryptographic device (crypto) at the data link level is called the Link Level COMSEC (LLC)

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