Bangladesh’s Minister Hasanul Haq Inu Hits Back BJP president Amit Shah about his Foul Mouth

In a reply to Hindu extremist BJP president Amit Sahas comments, describing Bangladeshis as ‘termites’ , Bangladesh’s Information Minister and Veteran freedom fighter Hasanul Haq Inu  said

“We in Dhaka do not give any importance to his statement 

He also said Amit Saha is not qualified to speak about Bangladesh.

Mr Saha who was addressing an election rally in  Rajasthan’s said Bangladeshi are “termites“. The way The president of Indias Ruling party Insulted Bangladesh is beyond any norms. The Foul Mouth Amit Saha many times repeated that 40 lack Bengali Muslim living in Assam is Bangladeshi Migrants without any prove and realistic definition .

Will Strike Bangladeshi ‘Termites’ Off Voters’ List, Says Amit Shah -NDTV

Will Strike Bangladeshi 'Termites' Off Voters' List, Says Amit Shah

Mr. Amit Sahas comments ” Termite” remarks have drawn sharp criticism from all around Bangladesh

NRC in Assam 

About the 40 Lakh Bangali Living in Assam and termed Bangladeshi by ruling BJP party, Hasanul Haq Inu said

“Minister of Home Affairs of India Rajnath Singh as well as Indian High Commissioner Harsh Vardhan Shringla, based in Dhaka, have assured us that the NRC process of Assam is an internal issue of India and that not a single Bengali-speaking person will be sent to Bangladesh,”

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Hasanul Haq Inu is a Bangladeshi politician and the current Minister of Information of Bangladesh. He leads  Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal and was involved in a Marxist insurgency in the 1970s. This veteran freedom fighter sharply criticize the BJP president comments

He said

“Amit Shah has made an unwanted remark by describing Bangladeshis as termites. We in Dhaka do not give any importance to his statement as it does not carry the gravity of an official statement of India. We have maintained that the NRC process in Assam and the welfare of the Bengali-speaking citizens of India are internal issues of India “

Bengal Presidency 

Divide and Control

As an election propaganda  BJP Use tactics of divide and control. The 40 lakh Bengali speaking people in Assam lived there from ancient times. As from British Raj, The Bengal presidency was a big geopolitical entity.  Now BJP tactics to deprive  Bengali Muslim to vote in the upcoming election for their victory is inhuman and have similarity with Myanmar treatments with Rohingya people.

We Bangladeshi condemned such Foul mouth comment from a Senior BJP leader about Bangladesh. We hope He will learn some manner and must show respect to this Great nation State ” Bangladesh”.

And they must not underestimate the Century old Bengali Nationality.




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