UK PM Theresa May Wants EU to Respect the United Kingdom and Its People

In an unexpected televised statement by UK PM Theresa May after the Salzburg summit, she expressed her frustration about the Brexit negotiation with EU and warned of consequences if EU failed to respect the Referendum.

  • Sterling had fallen almost 1 percent in trading Friday prior to the speech and was down by 1.3 percent after.
  • Britain is due to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019

Brexit campaigner and ex British foreign secretary Boris Johnson previously accused May of week negotiation with EU. In this speech, May seemed tough and angry.

Daily Mail said ”  Mrs. May confronted the arrogance of the EU elite with unyielding, level-headed reason” and describes the EU’s behavior in Salzburg as “shabby”

EU Wants the UK to suffer for Brexit

From the beginning of Brexit negotiation and refereundum, EU leader used critical tactics to punish UK for leaving EU.

The Express Newspaper of UK  calls her speech her “finest hour” and says she was right to demand respect from the EU and the Daily Mail says”

Theresa May says the UK and EU are at an ‘impasse’ on Brexit

European Council President Donald Tusk has said a compromise with the UK over Brexit is “still possible”, after Theresa May warned she was prepared to walk away from talks

And no-deal Brexit looked an increasingly realistic prospect.


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