2.6 Billion Dollar Remittance inflow in July 2020

Bangladesh Wage earner’s remittance inflow exceeded 2.6 Billion in July 2020. Remittance is a transfer of money, often by the worker to an individual in their home country. Besides, the highest foreign exchange reserves in the history of Bangladesh have been raised to 37.28 billion US dollars. Various measures, including 2 percent cash incentives by the government, have important implications for this upward trend in remittance inflow.

Year/Month 2019-2020Remittances In million US dollar
July 2620

The inflow of remittances has played an important role in the significant increase in National foreign reserves.
Expatriates have also sent regular remittances from the hostile environment in Corona. Remittances sent by expatriates during difficult times have strengthened the foreign exchange reserves. In this case, their love and responsibility towards the country and family have been manifested. Expatriate remittances are making a big contribution to keeping the wheel of the economy fast.

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