India ??Ejected From Duty Free Entry ?? : Trump ?

Days after Pakistan ?? shoots down Two Indian Vintage jet in aerial dog ?Fight . Trump is ending preferential trade treatment with India what allows duty-free entry for $5.6bn worth of goods in United States.

The cancellation of this trade deal in this heated time send a clear massage to Indian Authorities, that USA ??does not totally abandoned its old but fragile Ally Pakistan .

The timing of this decision may influenced by Indian aggressive air raid deep inside Pakistan’s territory, what escalated a nuclear ☢️ tensions between two nuclear power .

In a letter to Congress, the Trump said India had “not assured the United States that it will provide equitable and reasonable access to the markets of India”.

India is the world’s biggest beneficiary of America’s GSP programme . As now India have 3.5% growth rate , lower then its neighbouring Country Bangladesh ??.

The US Trade Representative’s Office said removing India from the GSP program would be done through a presidential proclamation.

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