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US Mexico Tariife to Counter Migrant Influx

Tariff on Mexico Trump announces tariffs – to curb immigration into the US . U.S. goods and services trade with Mexico totaled an estimated $671.0 billion, Imports ware 371 Billion in 2018. Trump has accused the Mexican government of failing to do enough to crack down on the number of migrants entering the US . […]

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Donald Trump cancel Iran Deal :Europe with Iran

As  Trump Withdraw USA from the Iran deal, he is now the man in the edge without any of its allied support. Many Europe leaders including the United Kingdom and FRANCH publically criticised the decision made by Donald Trump to cancel the Iran Deal. বাংলা ঃ  পারমানবিক বোমা নিরোধক চুক্তি থেকে সরে আসলেন ডোনাল্ড ট্রাম্প As

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