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Donald Trump cancel Iran Deal :Europe with Iran

As  Trump Withdraw USA from the Iran deal, he is now the man in the edge without any of its allied support. Many Europe leaders including the United Kingdom and FRANCH publically criticised the decision made by Donald Trump to cancel the Iran Deal.

বাংলা ঃ  পারমানবিক বোমা নিরোধক চুক্তি থেকে সরে আসলেন ডোনাল্ড ট্রাম্প

As Iran is one of the major supporters of terrorist activity in Yemen and Syria, Donald trump decision may be so much critical to understand right now.

Growing influence of Iran in the middle east may one of the primary reason that the USA withdraws from the deal. Saudi Arabia and Isreal is one of the key supporters of trump decision.

Even his predecessor the Barack Obama criticised Trump decision publically with a tweet and Facebook Post.

French President Said They regret that USA withdraw from The Deal .

Even Iran Parliament Member Burned The USA Flag


It’s The Next steps by the USA what will give us the Insight and future of the middle east.

Whatever happened the world don’t want to see another war in middle east.


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