Is the Bangladesh testing enough people?

World Health Organization says test, test and test. However, from January 25 to today (March 30), only 1 thousand 338 people have been tested in Bangladesh . There was very little test in the beginning. Even though the number of tests is increasing day by day,

On March 8, the IEDCR reported the first coronavirus patient in the country. Currently, the number of patients infected in the country is 49 No patient with coronavirus has been found in the past two days.Experts say that it is a matter of great concern . Initially, coronavirus testing was done only at the government’s Institute epidec Disease Control and Research (IEDCR).

This week, three more facilities were added. But where thousands of tests are needed . Experts say the lack of information is a scary thing. Health Minister Zahid Malek, in an online press conference on Sunday (March 27th), said that the “We will be able to test in 5 places. Tests have already started in six to seven places. In addition, every major hospital has been instructed to set up test capacities.

At the same time, if a suspect dies, it is important to take samples from their bodies and test them. Patients with atypical pneumonia across the country need to be tested, or the true picture cannot be understood. Bottom Line is, Test, Test and Test.

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